Are you receiving spoofed SPAM from our domain?

I have noticed a large amount of backscatter-spam. This seems to happen every so often. I would say about a few times a year. It is caused by some SPAM-er forging email addresses to make them look like they were sent from my domain. When the recipient of the SPAM is an invalid email address, the receiving mail-server will bounce back the message to me, unfortunately. This causes a lot of needless flood of traffic. Currently over 5000 mail-servers are bouncing these invalid SPAM messages back my way.

The latest backscatter started yesterday, Wed, June 24, 2009. It seems that this latest incident is caused by SPAM originating from Romania. The offending addresses seem to be originating from net-block from various IP addresses. e.g.,,,, etc.

Since backscatter problem is so prevalent, we implemented SPF records back in Sept. 2007. If more mail-servers used SPF records to validate the host they are accepting mail from the backscatter problem would be drastically reduced.

What an SPF record does essentially, is, it lists all servers that are allowed to send mail for a specific domain. Therefore, email received from a host or server, on behalf of a domain, where the host or server is not listed in the SPF of the domain should not be accepted.

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