2012-Jul-06 18:30 UTC
4th of July Fireworks
4th of July was spent at Marina Del Rey, after some pelican watching we claimed a decent spot to watch the fireworks. While people gathered we noticed this young-ish Jessica Biel look-alike. She and her family were parked just across from us.

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Jessica Biel look-alike Jessica Biel look-alike texting

My Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS point-and-shoot did a pretty good job of capturing the fireworks. Not too shabby eh? ;-)

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People watching fireworks: 70s fiber-optic lamp fireworks: blue streaks fireworks: triple burst fireworks: sparkler
fireworks: brilliant burst fireworks: red and blue claws fireworks: dandelion fireworks: palm leaves and strands fireworks: bird at flight
fireworks: big burst, green streams fireworks: burst, streak fireworks: flower and the sun fireworks: sparkler art fireworks: balloon tree
fireworks: tribal sun! fireworks: angry spider fireworks: sparkler fireworks: sparkler scratch fireworks: blue/red streaks
fireworks: burst fireworks: palm tree fireworks: sparklers fireworks: volcano burst fireworks: dandelion
fireworks: palm tree with burst fireworks: palm tree and star fireworks: withered rose fireworks: inside a collider fireworks: the beast!
fireworks: a daisy fireworks: blue 70s fiber-optic lamp fireworks: sun flower fireworks: air plant fireworks: pretty burst with streams
fireworks: blue danelion fireworks: red danelion with blue tips fireworks: two palms fireworks: 70s fiber-optic lamps fireworks: scratchies
fireworks: bright palms fireworks: snowfall on green dandelion fireworks: itsy bitsy spider fireworks: burning palm tree fireworks: bursting stars
  fireworks: phantom ship fireworks: streaks and bursts fireworks: jellyfish  
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