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Farmers Market, Ride, Food, etc.
This is an account of my Saturday (2012-Jun-30). What I did, what I ate, etc. You have been warned. This may be absolutely boring and useless info for you.

Some weeks ago I received a little flyer in my mail announcing the Gene Autry Farmers Market, which is held every Saturday from 8am 'til noon. I have been meaning to go to one of these but have been forgetting about it until a day or two after the fact. Finally this morning, while speaking with a friend on the phone, I was reminded of it when she mentioned something about a farmers market she planned on going to. It was quarter to eleven and out the door I went. The Autry Farmers Market seemed relatively small. Only two rows of canopies, with vendors on each side of the two rows. A few juice bars, a bunch of food and fruit vendors, a few art stands, and a guy playing various cover-songs on his ukulele (pretty nice).

I ended up buying one Valerie "Blushing Berry" preserve ($10). From the Vegan Food stand, I purchased one spicy tempha ($5) package, which tasted excellent. I am almost done with this pack and need to go back next Saturday for more! This tempha is a soy-less tempeh, made with beans, brown rice and spiced up with jalapenos and carrots. I googled on tempha and tempeh and found this blog post on the topic. The other purchase I made was this painting from US Artworks. I am not quite sure where I'll hang it yet; TBD. Note the "logo" on the "Thank You" letter/envelope they hand to their customers. You get bonus points if you figure out what it is ;)

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Valerie Preserves Vegan Foods
Martini Art Art, Preserve, Tempha and Boobies

After the Autry Farmers Market, I decided to take the bike out for a short ride; it had been a while since I had started it up. Short ride took me to Angeles Crest Hwy. After I got back home I made a small lunch with the tempha I purchased earlier. Started with a layer of spinach leaves, sliced tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, the tempha and sprinkled it with some trek-mix from TJ's.

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Bike at Angeles Crest Hwy Bike at Angeles Crest Hwy
View near Buckhorn campground
Tempha lunch Tempha lunch

Later in the evening I headed toward Pasadena, and saw this not-so-good accident on the east-bound 210 fwy.

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Accident east-bound 210 Accident east-bound 210
Accident east-bound 210 Accident east-bound 210

And of course, I had to have more of the tempha for dinner. I had bought these noodle-packages from TJ's and tried the Pad Thai tonight. These, IIRC, go for something like $1.99. Simple to make. There are two packets in each box. One contains the noodles, and the other the sauce. You open and dump the noodles in the box, and separate them using your fingers or a fork. Then add the sauce on top and mix with the noodles. I chose to add the tempha as well. The instructions call for 2 minutes in the microwave, but since I added more food to the package, I zapped it for an extra 30 seconds, then sprinkled some TJ's trek-mix on top to give it a "crunch". Oh, and these noodle-packages are all Vegan! Pretty tasty and simple to make.

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TJ's Vegan Noodles Pad Thai package contents
Mixing sauce with noodles Dave's Tempha
Tempha Pad Thai: Yum yum!
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