2012-May-29 11:39 UTC
Mt. Waterman and Twin Peaks
Went on hike with a friend of mine (Michael) today. Original goal was to hike up Mt. Waterman and a few easier peaks around it. But we decided to go for the Twin Peaks. It was quite a hike. Mt. Waterman peak is at 8038 ft. and the Twin Peaks is at 7761 ft. We start off around 0900 and returned to the car around 1600. Michael was tracking his progress with a couple of GPS units (one tracked his heart rate, calories burned, etc.). He generated our route on google earth:

Hike Route

Oh, it seems that there are quite a lot of Poodle-dog bush growths at Angeles Forest as of late. It is a very beautiful but nasty plant.

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self view path Mt. Waterman peaks view
Awesome looking tree Sign: Mt. Waterman, Twin Peaks Mt. Waterman Peak Mt. Waterman Peak Mt. Waterman Marker Neat pattern on the base of a fallen tree.
Burnt Tree Art? Sign: Twin Peaks Saddle Stream on the way to Twin Peaks Sign: Twin Peaks Saddle. Elevation 6550 ft. Neat pattern on a dead tree Mt. Waterman from Twin Peaks
Reaching Twin Peaks Summit View from Twin Peaks See the zig-zag? Neat trees Twin Peaks Summit Log Container Twin Peaks Summit Log
Neat tree Poodle-dog plant! Mushroom on a tree  
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