2011-Jan-17 10:07 UTC
NAMM 2011
I managed to get myself "invited" to the 2011 NAMM show. It was my very first time to NAMM and it was an excellent experience.

Lots of things and folks to see. But the most fun part for me was to actually meet Paul Gilbert and get his autographs on two my favorite CDs of his!

I don't have much to say about the show, other than it was a great deal of fun, and that I hope I will get "invited" again. I would like to thank Remo for this year's invitation! =)

Here are some random photos I took at the show. Including of Steve Vai, Ibanez guitars, photos from Remo's booth, interesting guitars and violins, Kitara guitar synth, 30th anniversary Fairlight synth, retro gear, interesting folks in costumes: a lady in pick-dress, another in a dinosaur-like outfit, a very cute viking girl ;) ... and of course PAUL-FREAKING-GILBERT!!!

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ibanez guitars ibanez artcore guitars ibanez bass ibanez jems paul gilbert guitar steve vai
steve vai steve vai steve vai steve vai paul gilbert paul gilbert
remo booth remo booth crash cymbal lady in sexy pick-dress back of sexy pick-dress aztec guitar
drums smart-ass-girl smart-ass-girl bigsby neat tele-like guitar violin
washburn n4 randall amp randall master washburn hollow-body cute viking girl bat guitar?
excellent poster kitara and hottie dinosaur-girl electroplex retro amp spongebob 30th anniv fairlight synth
30th anniv fairlight synth neat designs neat designs neat designs goooo bruins! neat mechanical player
sweet design paul gilbert autographs!        
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