2009-Jul-16 04:21 UTC
Eagle Eye
An excellent propaganda movie.

I had nothing better to do tonight, so I watched this piece of Hollywood propaganda. The movie had potential; it was three-star rated and had a fairly good cast.

The basic story line goes something like this (if you haven't seen it, beware of spoilers):

There is a computer defense system that is capable of monitoring all electronic information sources (internet, email, blogs, cell phone, security camera systems) and is capable of overriding electronic systems that have some sort of an uplink that it can tap into (surveillance systems, traffic lights, trains, cranes, etc).

The movie starts with US forces tracking a potential scary "boogieman" from the ass-backwards Middle East. Available intel suggests that there is a 51% chance the guy is the one they are after. The Skynet-like intel-computer system suggests the mission be aborted due to the lack of target confidence. Also, the evil caveman is attending a funeral -- something about it being against the Geneva something or other -- so the Sec. Defense calls the POTUS for a decision. You see, the Sec. of Defense thinks the mission is too risky as the "Skynet super-intel computer" does, but the Joint Chiefs want to go ahead. The POTUS rattles off something about if they don't take this evil caveman out he would be putting more US troops in danger ... blah blah blah ... puke gag whatever ... so he gives the go-ahead for the cowardly assassination of this "boogieman" via remote controlled drone ... couldn't get in there an take him out so had to rely on a drone controlled from miles away. But whatever ...

Next, comes in the protagonist. After attending his brother's funeral, he has returned home and is stopping by the bank to deposit a cheque his dad had slipped him when he notices over $750,000 in his account. Of course, the ATM starts spitting out the money at him like a Vegas slot machine. When he gets home, his landlady tells him a bunch of stuff arrived and she helped put them in his tiny apartment. He starts opening the packages and you see containers marked "POISON" and "AMMONIA ..." in the background. He discovers that military equipment has been delivered to his apt. Guns, machine guns, ammo, F-16 manuals, ... as he is going through boxes and boxes of these questionable packages his cell phone rings and a strange lady's voice says, "Jerry you have been activated. The FBI is about to raid your apartment. You have 30 seconds to run." Failing to believe the stranger and comply, Jerry is arrested and taken to a secure holding facility where he is interrogated as a terrorist. Strangely, he is given a chance to make one phone call in a private room. As he is dialing the phone the same voice, from his cell phone earlier, interrupts him and tells Jerry that his escape is arranged for. A crane smashes through the building, causing an opening, and Jerry is instructed to jump out and board a train.

Meanwhile, our second protagonist, a lady, gets a similar strange phone call telling her she too has been "activated" and given instructions to help Jerry escape in an SUV.

After an impressive chase scene and car crashes, our "heroes" are introduced to the voice that has been instructing and helping them through their ordeals. The voice introduces herself as the computer that has been designed to protect and uphold the Constitution and protect the United States of America. The preamble of the Constitution is read: "We the People of United States ..."

So as the plot develops, the audience starts to learn little by little of Skynet's plan. This is done by introducing new characters to flavor up the movie. We are introduced to a Hispanic Air Force agent as well as an African American officer who served with Jerry's brother and knew him well. As the new characters piece together Skynet's agenda we too learn that since the POTUS and members of his administration have put America and Americans in danger by their decision makings, they are a threat to the United States and therefore should be removed from power.

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government...
-- The Declaration of Independence

So with the help of our protagonists, Jerry and the cute-ish girl, Skynet is plotting the assassination of POTUS and the administration at the State of the Union address.

Dn, Dn, Dndndndn, Dn, Dn, Dndndndn, Dn, Dn, Dndn...

... so once our characters figure this out, all join together -- Hispanic, black, white, young, old, male and female -- to stop the bad "We the People" Skynet to save the douche-bag POTUS and the useless Administration by destroying "We the People" computer .... and they win!

Our hero is rewarded with a medal at the end as he stands so proudly with his father, who, at the start of our movie expressed his grave disappointment in him for dropping out of school, but now could not be prouder of him.... Yay!
... sidster
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