2009-Jan-17 16:22 UTC
Wake the Fuck Up!

I pointed out numerous reasons why Obama's eligibility was, at best, in question in an earlier post titled Unnatural Born Citizen. This image shows some of the points regarding the document Obama's campaign released on their web-site as his birth certificate:

Obama's INVALID Certification of Live Birth

Note that the document says it is not a certificate but a certification of live birth. Further notice that Obama's campaign has invalidated the document by altering it. The document clearly states that "ANY ALTERATIONS INVALIDATE THIS CERTIFICATE". There are further problems with this document as noted in the image in red.

It is sad that supposed "educated" people in America are so lame that they no longer question what is presented to them. So long as the source of the info seems to be a "credible" one, they swallow it whole without a second thought. This is why Americans are slaves thinking they are free.

Do your part. Wake those around you the fuck up!

Obama is nothing but a con-artist, a scoundrel, a usurper, a cheat. Our government is even worse for allowing him to get elected without thoroughly vetting him. "On January 8, 2009, with no objection being raised, Congress - House and Senate - voted unanimously to certify the Electoral College" (The Traitors in Congress by Lynn Stuter).

This is undeniable proof that we no longer live in a free society. Those in power do what they please and they are getting bolder every time. Recall the recent financial bail-out? Even the MSM reported how senators and congress(wo)men were flooded with calls, letters, e-mails and fax to vote no on the bail-out. Yet these calls were completely ignored. I don't know how much more obvious it should get before American people realize that these traitors in DC no longer represent us nor our interest. They eagerly stump on the Constitution.

It is time for a revolution. Voting no longer works. The system is rigged. Change can not be achieved though the ballot box. Gus Hall said "Socialism in America will come through the ballot box" to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer in 1996 (Arvo Gustav Halberg 1910-2000; leader of the Communist Party USA and four time U.S. presidential candidate). I believe we are well on our way. Gustav Halberg would be proud.

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