2008-Dec-31 18:31 UTC
US Media Lull on Georgia
So after all the hysteria, "outrage" -- well, basically propaganda -- the U.S. media is uncharacteristically lull on the five-day war between Georgia and Russia. Recall, the night and day, constant coverage of this atrocious act on part of Russians, invading a sovereign country? The "talking heads" repeating sound-bites, much like stuck gramophones, about Russia's ambition to once more rebuild its "empire", etc.

Despite the full-on mainstream media's (MSM's) onslaught, there were few independent news outlets where the real story was reported. Even a few tidbits did get through the MSM. The classic case was the young American girl visiting her family in South Ossetia, who was invited on Fox News to tell her story. She was in a cafe when the shelling started, and turns out, as she stated, it was in fact Georgia who was shelling civilian towns in South Ossetia and not the other way around. She even thanked the Russian soldiers who helped her get out of the fighting zone and back home safe. Fox's Shepard Smith tried to "spin" and do damage-control by cutting into commercial and with his comment of "understandably there are gray areas in war."

Now, months later, when Georgia's president Saakashvilli admits that it was in fact Georgia who started the war, US media is uncharacteristically quiet. Well, what can one really expect from a propaganda machine?
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