2008-Dec-28 14:23 UTC
The Loose Towel Rack
I am in the process of reading The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. This is an amazing tale of the Federal Reserve ("The Fed"), the people behind it and their motivations. Mr. Griffin has an amazing talent for presenting complex topics in a manner by which he makes it easy to comprehend, as well as makes the topic absolutely a joy to read.

As Mr. Griffin shows, the people behind The Fed have been working persistently, diligently and in crafy manner to bring their goals into realization. What is truly amazing is that they have done this over a span of many, many decades. Certainly the originators of their ideology are no longer alive. It has taken them years to place their people into key, influential positions in order to bring about their "change". They also have had to work hard at maintaining these key governmental and social positions in order to maintain and further policies in support of their ideology.

For the past few days I have noticed that the towel rack in my shower is loose. Each time I reached for my towel, at the end of my shower, I heard it make a "clunk" sound, as the towel shifted the loose rack. The first few times I completely ignored it. Next, when the "clunking" noise didn't magically go away on its own, I examined the rack by pushing on it lightly with my fingers, which confirmed that the rack is indeed loose. I made a mental note to fasten it. A couple of more days past by as the rack remained unfixed, but each day after my shower I was reminded that I had not followed through to fasten it.

Today, while browsing about on the interweb I came across a picture. The subject of the photo was an attractive young girl. I can't recall what she was wearing at this moment, nor can I recall the colour of her hair, eyes, or any other details about her. This is because my attention was directed at what was in the background. Over her left shoulder you could see part of a towel rack. There was no towel hanging on it as much as one could tell. But this photo reminded me of my still loose towel rack and my intentions to fix it.

As previous nights, I was once more reminded of my towel rack after my shower! But, before the "clunk" noise. This time before reaching for my towel, I recalled the photo and my once again neglected mental note to fix the towel rack. This time, however, as soon as I toweled myself off, I grabbed a screwdriver and fastened the two screws, one on each end. This task took me less than ten seconds to accomplish, yet it took me many days to get around to.

This tells me quite a bit about why things are the way they are in the world today. I think many of us, who believe in justice and fairness to all, are simply too lazy to get off our butts and fix things that are broken, or tend to things that are in need of attention. This, I believe, is human nature. We wait far too long to do things that would normally not take that long to do. We wait until it is too late and the damage becomes far too extensive before we even start to think of doing something about it. Just to illustrate a point, when was the last time you checked the fluids in your car, or the air pressure in your tyres?

Those behind The Fed must be quite different from the rest of us. To have been able to get to where they are today, they could not afford to procrastinate and leave things off for another day. They have been very diligent and consistent with their tasks. They also have had something else in their favor: The laziness of the rest of us.
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