2008-Nov-24 05:21 UTC
Nanny Knows Best
Lately, it has become very clear that United States' government's "Click it or Ticket!" campaign has gone full-force. If you are not aware of it, "Click it or Ticket" is an initiative to force US citizens to wear a seat belt whenever traveling in an automobile. This is yet another example of a nanny-state, where the state is taking on the role of protecting the governed.

It is very common to see "Click it or Ticket" reminders all over the place, while driving. They are usually on digital marquee boards, similar to those used for Amber Alerts, which can be seen on streets as well as highways all over the United States.

This particular sign is especially offensive, at least to me. Not only does the government believe it is better capable of making decisions as to what is in our best interest, evidently, it deems necessary to use graphical icons to convey its message. As if to say, some of us are far too dull-witted to figure out what safety procedures to follow in our day-to-day activities.

Click-it or ticket marquee sign
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