2008-Oct-26 00:53 UTC
Toxic Anger
Sandra Hamilton has written a piece titled "Toxic Anger..." about the multi-billion dollar bailout. It gives the proper perspective on what this bailout really means.

I am surprised that not more Americans feel this way. The only possible reason might be that not enough people "get" what this bailout really means to them and their families. If more people realized what this money swindle was/is really all about, there would be angry mobs rising... either that, or they'll become smart; why pay your credit-card bills? Why shouldn't we allow for a credit-card "crisis" to start by having everyone default on their credit-card debts. Certainly the government would step in with a new bailout plan to socialize the credit-card debt as they did with the mortgage crisis, right?

People who don't learn and continue to make responsible decisions from this point on must be stupid. After all, why bother to live within your means if there is no punishment waiting for you down the line? If you knew that if you stopped paying your car loan, instead of the repo-man showing up to take away your car the government would give you a break on your car loan and interest, would you still continue to make payments? Who in their right mind would?

If eating junk-food and ice-cream would not gain you an ounce of fat, but, to the contrary, would reward you with a firmer butt and flatter tummy, would you not indulge yourself?
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