2008-Oct-22 04:13 UTC
Feelgood Theatre Presents: False Sense of Security
I just read this great article by Jeffrey Goldbert over at the Atlantic on the topic of airport security. In this four page article, you'll learn how easy it is to forge an airline boarding pass using a laptop and an HP LaserJet printer, which will in fact get you through TSA (Transportation Security Administration) checkpoints, and onto your flight. You'll be taught how to make a real knife on board your flight within 15 minutes. You'll learn how to carry potentially explosive liquids in twelve ounce containers on board the aircraft -- twenty-four ounces if you are a smooth talker. You'll also learn quite a few other surprising facts about our airport security system, to the point where you'll wonder why law-abiding citizens/travelers are being put through silly routines -- taking off shoes, limited to 3 oz shampoo, sun-block, cologne, etc. -- amidst these gaping holes in TSA screen process.
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