2008-Aug-14 06:57 UTC
Georgian Propaganda Botched?
Western media's relentless spin campaign against Russia continues on. Not much criticism or blame on the ruthless thug ruling Georgia. Media continues to lie about civilians being bombed by Russians. This video shows Russia precision bombed military targets in Georgia and not civilian ones as are being falsely reported by western media.

Putin speaks of the incredible lies that the media campaigns have been spreading and likens Saakashvili to Saddam and how he treated his people.

Some sparse mentions of Georgian attack on South Ossetia can be heard in our media but not many, nor by loud enough voices. One example is Keith Olbermann, but only in his attempt to slam McCain and neo-cons:

Why did U.S. permit Georgia to march last week into capital of Ossetia ... which threatened thousands of Russian citizens there.
at around 01:00 mark.

Interesting to note is that McCain's top foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann is a paid lobbyist for Georgia!

An alternative media outlet I found is war.georgia.su. This site has interesting footage from the region and testimony of in-field reporter/cameraman on how Fox News and Sky News, both using his footage, lied about location of the footage in order to make the report unfavorable for Russia.

This next video (00:00 through 06:50) explains possible motives for Georgia to invade Ossetia and Akhazia: Admission to NATO. Another interesting note in the clip is how Saakashvili might have used the 2008 Olympics a diversion to launch his aggression and attempt his invasion of Ossetia.

Keep in mind Rupert Murdoch owns both Faux and Sky News.

This page (media lies) shows fake photo footage of "victims". It seems very clear that the people in the pictures are actors. Interestingly enough, Reuters has removed these photos from its pages.

This Faux News interview will never ever be aired again, you can be certain. It is an interview with a 12 year old girl from San Francisco who talks about her experience during her visit with family in the region when the conflict started.

It is no doubt a botched interview. The producers of this segment did not expect to hear what was said. Notice the quick cut to a commercial.
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