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Obey authority:

Follow up on the Milgram experiment:

What do all these have to do with anything? Take a closer look at where our society is headed. See where our freedoms and liberties have gone. The people, the militarized police officers toting their fully-auto machine guns, are becoming more and more prevalent. They are simply taking orders. They are taught not to think or question their orders but to simply carry them out. In their view, their superiors would bear all responsibility. If they are told those protesting against the erosion of civil liberties are "terrorists," they will accept this and treat these "terrorists" accordingly.

It first starts in small steps. All these things happen slowly. This is key. And when you start to figure out and acknowledge that things have gone far too wrong, it would be far too late to reverse them.

So it starts with this little old lady with a simple sign reading: McCain = Bush.

61-year old librarian Carol Kreck removed from town hall beacuse of her sign reading McCain = Bush

She is 61 years old Carol Kreck. She is standing on public property where John McCain is holding a town-hall meeting. Carol is a librarian, far from someone one might consider to be a "troublemaker". However, this does not prevent what happens to her. She is first asked to leave and threatened with a trespassing ticket. Then she is forced to leave, is given a trespassing ticket and told if she were to return, she would be arrested as well!

So what exactly does trespass mean?

  1. To commit an offense or a sin; transgress or err.
  2. Law To commit an unlawful injury to the person, property, or rights of another, with actual or implied force or violence, especially to enter onto another's land wrongfully.
  3. To infringe on the privacy, time, or attention of another
  1. Transgression of a moral or social law, code, or duty.
  2. ...
  3. An intrusion or infringement on another.

The police officer, who one would think, should be familiar with laws of trespassing, and use good judgment in his police conduct, fails to recognize the problem. He even acknowledges that it is not he who is claiming that she is trespassing, but the guy acting as the mouthpiece for the "secret service". Yet he still follows through with escorting the little lady out, ticketing her and threatening her not to return. All because, some guy, speaking on behalf of the "secret service" said so!

Do you still not see something wrong with where we are headed with these types of changes in our society?

Do you not see how far we have come from a decade or so ago, when we could travel freely, and now we are at a point where we are forced to go through ridiculous security checks, taking our shoes off at the airport, restricted to 3 oz of toothpaste, and potentially being forced to wear a travel bracelet?
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