2008-Jun-29 14:29 UTC
Letter to GOP
The GOP has been asking its members to sign a "Unity Pledge", where each signee pledges he or she will vote for the party's nominee no matter what. Sort of a blind faith attitude, so unlike what a democratic society is to operate like. Those who sign this pledge, declare their loyalty to the party, regardless of whether or not the party's nominee stands for what each individual believes in. One might say this pledge is akin to cults of sorts.

A group of Ron Paul supporters who believe the GOP has lost its ways, and believe it no longer represents the platform it was built on, have come up with a "protest" letter of their own to be sent to the GOP. The purpose of this letter, named Letter to GOP (http://www.lettertogop.com/), in few words, is to explains to the GOP why they have a divided party regardless of their "unity pledge". It goes on to point out how McCain isn't the proper choice for the GOP by pointing out McCain's pro-war stance, violation of his own campaign laws (McCain-Feingold), his association with many lobby groups who were part of his campaign, his very limited comprehension of economic policy, etc. The letter further outlines how having Ron Paul as the nominee would gain the party a slew of members/voters who feel the party has left them and/or feel they have been disenfranchised by the party.

Curious to find out the breakdown of signatures collected, I took it upon myself to generate a "report" based on the data available from their website.
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