2008-Feb-08 04:36 UTC
Super Tuesday: Voter Fraud
So I voted on Super Tuesday for Ron Paul -- as if any reader of this page would have guessed otherwise. I was quite excited about waiting 'til evening when they would start announcing poll results. I had a feeling that Ron Paul would've done very well on Super Tuesday. Now that both Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson had dropped out, and media had started to ignore Mike Huckabee.

I was sure of at least eight votes for Ron Paul, which I had secured, by talking to people I know and emphasizing the need for a representative like Ron Paul who is pro-liberty, pro-freedom, pro-constitution, pro-open markets, pro-sovereignty, and so on and so forth. I have seen the enthusiasm of other Ron Paul supporters, and most of all their level of dedication to the cause. With their campaigning efforts and canvasing, I sure had higher expectations.

The results were disappointing to say the least. They certainly killed my moral. I was angry at many levels. First angry at the Mainstream Media (MSM) for censoring Ron Paul as he gained more supporters. Then angry at the people who didn't vote for him. I started to wonder if these people don't see the trouble we are in, if they can't see their freedoms have been taken away, if they don't understand why it is so important to fight back to regain our liberty, then many these sheep deserve to be enslaved! They deserve worse, and they have it coming.

Then, I started to hear about voter fraud allegations. At first, I wondered how legitimate these allegations were. But after reading about a few and watching a few YouTube videos, I started to get the picture. Here are some links to these YouTube videos and articles I've found thus far...

Ron Paul Dropped Out Chicago: Invisible Ink Voting
  "Now for a lighter moment"? "[T]his funny yet true story"? Are they kidding? I somehow fail to see the humor in this situation!?

Here is a report (with pics) showing Ron Paul's name was scratched out on the display card: New York State Election Fraud for Ron Paul. Here is another report of fraud in Brooklyn where voters were told by poll workers that they could not vote for Ron Paul because he was not on the ballot

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