2008-Jan-19 15:23 UTC
CNN Censors Ron Paul
So is mainstream media really censoring Ron Paul and in effect dictating who the public should vote for and who they should ignore?

Today I watched CNN as they covered the Nevada caucuses. Romney had a huge lead from the get go. Second was McCain and third Ron Paul. Not too long after, Ron Paul caught up with McCain and took over 2nd place. The numbers were very close between McCain and Ron Paul.

As I watched CNN's coverage, it soon became evident that they were not mentioning Ron Paul's name. I thought this was odd. I was sure Ron Paul's name would come up now that he had 2nd place in NV's caucuses. Interesting enough, they talked about the other candidates. They, of course, mentioned Romney, as he had a clear lead. They mentioned McCain, they mentioned Thompson, they mentioned Huckabee. Furthermore, CNN showed Romney's speech from Jacksonville, FL. A video clip of McCain's speech from SC (I believe). CNN showed a video clip of Huckabee jogging with his crew, later a clip of his speech, a clip of him meeting folk in SC. Later they re-aired McCain's very same speech. Towards the end they even showed John Voight with Rudy stickers on his jacket, warming up the crowed in Florida for Giuliani. Mind you, Giuliani was dead last in NV caucus results.

So you decide whether CNN is censoring Ron Paul or not.

CNN 2008 Nevada GOP Primary Results
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