2007-Dec-26 09:36 UTC
Ron Paul on the Income Tax
With election dominating the news media right now, I find myself involved in discussions about candidates and their platforms. I find that more and more people are starting to hear of Congressman Ron Paul. That is a good thing, since that means he is getting more exposure. However, some of these people think that some of the ideas Ron Paul represents, such as abolishing the IRS and The Fed, are a bit "kooky". Some of these same people wonder if Ron Paul would shutdown the IRS, when elected to office.

This interview with Neil Cavuto presents Congressman Paul's views on the IRS and how he would like to get rid of it. Neil Cavuto challenges the Congressman on the idea of how would the country manage without the income tax.

As I watch more of these interviews with Congressman Paul, I am amazed how he is always misquoted by the media. Seems to be a recurring theme. I found a YouTube user, vapatriot2 with a good selection of interviews with Congressman Paul from different media sources.
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