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Craig's list and Ron Paul
As I've mentioned before I do not follow politics very closely, so it was only recently that I came to know Ron Paul. As I learned more and more about him, and what he represents, I felt the need to introduce Ron Paul to others as well; especially my close friends and family.

As I started to speak to others about Ron Paul, I was increasingly amazed that most often he needed no introduction. People already had known about him. One of my friends, Adam, who is also a coworker of mine, told me that he knew Ron Paul and he was a big fan of his, and had been for a long time, even before Ron Paul had decided to enter the race. This wasn't too surprising coming from Adam, as he follows politics very closely. Then yesterday, after I forwarded the Ron Paul Videos links to a few friends and a couple of coworkers, one coworker replied back very quickly and told me he also has been a huge fan of Dr. Paul's!

I've off-and-on been looking on Craig's list, who hasn't? I've bought a guitar, an old demoted computer server and recently my 1970 Bronco truck from there! :-)

I found this one post on Ron Paul from Craig's list and I thought I'd share the poster's words with you. The link to the original post will probably go away soon, since Craig's list keeps posts around for only 7 days.

Re: RE: What every person should know when voting
Reply to: pers-492417919@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-11-28, 1:11PM PST

NO, NO. The prev poster is RIGHT. The "top tier" candidates are ALL members of CFR. Voting for Ron Paul is not pissing your vote away. Please, please don't think that way.

The mass media wants you to think the RP can't win. Don't you see? Alreay, a year to go, they've chosen who YOU'LL be voting for. Did they ask you? Nope. They TOLD you...and you're LETTING them tell you without a whimper.

C'mon, people. for the first time in your lives be a part of something bigger than who's got the prettiest smile, the more clever come-back during a debate, the better hairstyle.

Vote for a candidate with core values. Not ONE of these candidates have a SINGLE CORE VALUE. They're just telling you anything and everthing to get your vote. Ron Paul HAS a core value, it's called the Constitution. It's called FREEDOM. It's called ending the endless war of which NONE of the candidates is willing to do.

We're building 14 permanent airbases in Iraq. We're not going anywhere! We're STILL in Saudi Arabia 17 years and running. WAKE UP. You see, CFR members are internationalists and globalists.

They want the USA weakend and eventually destroyed. Please rethink your vote. Don't vote for the candidate that you 'think' will win. That's how 6th graders vote for grade-school class president.

Vote for who you want. After examining Ron Paul's message and platform you'll be convinced. Just open your mind and give him a chance.

Google: "Ron Paul"

Keen observation on the poster's part on how the mainstream media continues to manipulate the general population's opinion and outlook!

Everyone should do themselves the favor of looking into what Ron Paul stands for. All of the running candidates, from both sides, all sound and act the same. They are poor carbon copies of one another. Ron Paul truly stands out among these drones.
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