2007-Oct-16 07:52 UTC
Armenian Genocide (Part II)
Today there was more on the topic of the Armenian Genocide Resolution being discussed on CNN.

I was away over the weekend and isolated from the news, not that I typically watch the news like a hawk. Nevertheless, my isolation from the mass-media/boob-tube was more than usual.

I had hoped that by now people such as Mr. Cafferty would've gotten a clue over the weekend about the types of comments they had made the previous week regarding the Armenian Genocide. Yes, the one that happened "almost a 100 years ago".

No such luck. I even saw Lou Dobbs get into the mix with his commentary. At least, Lou used a little more tact when he did his rant. Guest Professor Fouad Ajami, author of "The Foreigner's Gift" and Radio Host Bill Press both voiced their opinions on the importance of not bowing to Turkey's will. To quote Bill Press we should "stand for what we stand for", referring to fact that US of A has historically been known to stand up for justice and has upheld the rights of those who could not fight on their own.

One thing I am amazed is how easily Americans, who are predominantly of Christian faith, can dismiss an atrocity that was brought upon fellow Christians by non-Christians. Bare in mind that Armenians were early adopters of Christianity.

Ironic how today we are fighting a "War on Terror" yet our current administration will do all it can to ignore and dismiss slaughter of 1.5 million Christians.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not religious and I have never bought into this "War on Terror" bullshit, but I do find this irony amusing.
... sidster
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