2007-Oct-16 07:10 UTC
Armenian Genocide
The Armenian Genocide of 1915-1917 has recently been focus of main-media.

For many decades, Armenians have been trying to get the United States government to officially acknowledge that what occurred in Turkey (Ottoman Empire then) during 1915 through 1917 was a genocide. This movement has faced much resistance in the past years, however, recently House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi has been leading the efforts to get the Armenian Genocide Resolution passed. This has not been without controversy.

The cause of controversy has been Turkey, a so called "key US alley" has become upset with this resolution and has threatened to end its military relations with US. This has caused many vocal opinions by media figures, US representatives as well as hundreds of nobodies with ignorant remarks.

I was most shocked to hear Jack Cafferty of CNN utter these words:

...but she's [Nancy Pelosi] gone out of her way now to pass a resolution that has angered one of our key allies in the current military conflict in that part of the world, over an event that happened, what, almost a 100 years ago
Jack Cafferty on CNN's Situation Room
October 11, 2007

What I really want to know, if Mr. Cafferty would've dared use similar language with respect to The Holocaust. If so, I would be curious to find out how long it would've taken for him to have been given the boot and escorted out of the building.
... sidster
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