2007-Oct-15 08:42 UTC
Ron Paul
I am not one who follows politics much. I tend to not like either side's candidates. This is mainly because I don't see much difference between the two sides US citizens are left to choose from. Personally I don't think our two-party system is working well; There is good exercise for anyone interested to get a hold of George Washington's Farewell Address 1796 and see what he says about political parties.

Recently I got a chance to hear and see a clip of Ron Paul on the first GOP Presidential Debate on TV (YouTube link). I was really impressed by what he said, which made me do some research on him.

He seems to share a lot of what I believe in, and this is very exciting for me as I have never really felt so in line with a politician and what he (or she) stands for.

Ron Paul, a Republican statesman for Texas, who has been against the Patriot Act and the Iraq war since day one. He believes in the original intent of the constitution. He is against The Fed. He is against the federal income tax. He is against illegal immigration and amnesty. He is pro liberty and individual privacy.

Ron Paul truly is a genuine person. Listening to him speak, you know he is saying what he believes in, and not saying what he thinks, or he is told, you want to hear. This is such a rarity to find in a politician.

Campaign web-site: Ron Paul 2008 -- Hope for America.
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