2007-Mar-28 08:00 UTC
Limey Baits?
When the Hezbollah angle didn't work as expected; when the quoted out-of-context anti-Israel rhetoric didn't sell so well; when the nuclear weapons ambitions argument didn't pass muster; when the rumors of aiding the Iraqi insurgents failed the popularity test what options is a tyrant, bent on imperial control and domination, left with?

Well, maybe sending in some Limeys into Iranian waters and allowing them to be captured and using that as a pretext to move the Imperial Star Destroyers err... I mean, aircraft carriers within striking distance of Iran and start conducting aggressive aerial attack simulations!

Now, the "evil" Empire simply waits for a subtle mistake from the Iranians to launch their offensive.

Sad part of this whole thing is, the US (and the British government) are really hoping that Iran would actually do something as stupid as harming the British sailors (sail-people?). This would gain much needed support for the planned Imperial aggression.
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Last modified: 2007-Oct-18 06:30 UTC
Note: [2007-Mar-28 08:38 UTC] {sidster}
Just wanted to add this relevant link to CNN's reporting on humane treatment of the 15 British sailors.
Note: [2007-Oct-18 06:30 UTC] {sidster}
It seems though CNN has removed the following link from their site regarding US "show of force in the Persian Gulf": http://www.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/meast/03/27/us.gulf.ap/index.html I managed to find links to the same story on MSNBC: U.S. launches show of force in Persian Gulf, NY Times, Navy Times, and many others using Google.
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