2006-Aug-11 07:34 UTC
Can you say "Wag the Dog?"
Ever seen that movie? Do you know what I'm referring to?

When public opinion on an unjust and bloody war drops dangerously low, what is an administration supporting said war to do?!

Provide a new distraction for the public so to divert their attentions away from the unpopular war, of course! It also never hurts to give them a little bit of a scare for good measure either.

I mean you've done this yourself or at least seen it done by parents everywhere. The toddler is about to cry, you notice the pout on the baby's face and maybe the welling at the eyes. What's a parent to do? Make some baby-talk noise and point to the tree outside the window and go "Lookie lookie.. look at that wibble burdy... see the wibble burdy?"

The administration took note that "The audience did not like what they were seeing on CNN, or Faux News." So they provided a new and exciting story to be reported. They even changed the venue since the Middle-East didn't prove so favorable. The new plot was set to take place in Europe! I mean, everyone likes Europe after all.

I can't believe the transparency of this administration.
... sidster
Note: [2006-Aug-15 06:52 UTC] {sidster}
This post is in reference to the alleged "Spoiled Terror Plot" in Britain. It served as a very convenient news break on Thursday August 10th, 2006. This news dominated all major US media outlets and literally shut out any and all news on the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. CNN flew all of its reporters stationed in and/or near south Lebanon to London to cover this latest diversion.
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